Selected Projects

Here I present some selected projects I have developed throughout my career and that I am specially proud. This is not an exhaustive list, and will be updated over time.

Hellan Sydän

I co-created a sculpture that sits in the neighborhood of Penttilä, Joensuu. My participation consisted in developing the programmable lights and creating the website. The lights change colors according to historical or current events, and the site can be visited to know more about said events.

KotKot Machine

The KotKot machine was a marketing gadget designed to make you feel as if you were on a chicken coop when buying eggs. This was accomplished by a device to be placed next to the egg shelves in supermarkets that would detect when a customer was close enough and play hen cackling sounds.

Walinwa Games

I coded two games for a platform designed to teach school kids orthography in Spanish schools, created in order to reinforce the learning of the rules while having fun.


I developed a tool to transform regular images into a faithful version of them transformed into Teletext stills, according to the first standard, Teletext Level 1, from the 1970s. It chooses automatically the closest colors and alphamosaic tiles to produce the closest possible representation.

Veri Website

As part of my work inside of the company, I wrote the code for the website, which includes regular pages, blog and a shop where the prospective customers can buy our products.