Portrait of David

I am David, a computer tinkerer. And this is my story. Before you ask, yes, I am the fourth in my family line with the same name and first surname.

I was born in Spain. Since I remember I loved almost everything that had to do with computers. From a very early age my interests were geared towards electronic devices (most of the times breaking them).

I started programming many years ago, while still a kid, by trying to translate BASIC programs from 8-bit microcomputers to MS-DOS QBasic, that back then was bundled with the operating system. I used to take books from the library with source code and type it, to realize it just would not work (most 8-bit computers had their own BASIC dialects and most programs were accessing computer-dependant memory addresses with POKE or PEEK). I have to say that I was not very successful.

A little bit later I studied in the Autonomous University of Madrid, a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science. It was not exactly according to plan, as I spent all my childhood thinking that I was going to be a Medicine Doctor. While I was working on that degree, I did a year of exchange studies in the University of Joensuu (Finland) by participating in the ERASMUS program of the European Union.

After getting back to Spain and working for some years, I decided to get back to study, completing a Master of Science degree on Computer Science in the University of Eastern Finland. Since then I have been working and living in Finland. First in Joensuu, and now in Helsinki, where I currently live.

I like retrocomputing, obscure programming languages, human-computer interaction, the intersection of computing and art and everything related to games (game theory, videogames, board games, etc). If you want to know more, including how to get in touch with me, check the menu. It has been nice to meet you!