David Gil de Gómez IV


These is what I am currently working on, outside of my regular work and during my free time. If you have an interesting project or idea that you want me to be part of, drop me a message ↗.


DDither is a tool to dither images, using different algorithms for conversion to grayscale, segmentation and ditherization, all coded in C from scratch, only depending on stb_image.h ↗ and stb_image_write.h ↗.

Progress: 60%

Blog post: a taxonomy and history of the button

A blog post in which I showcase my personal taxonomy of web buttons, with visual examples. Currently on research phase.

Progress: 5%

Tarot deck

As part of my side project DGSymbolics ↗ I am designing a deck of tarot cards. When finished, I will try to do a limited edition print. Tarot was chosen due to the high symbolic load of every card.

Progress: 8%


  • Blog + redesign writeup
  • Coding Train #1 - Starfield in Processing
  • Birthday Invitation - Banner design + Website
  • Blog - 10 Rules For Better Links